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Lavish Body Clinic is a medical aesthetic clinic located in the heart of El Paraiso, Estepona and Gibraltar. We specialise in advanced non-surgical aesthetic procedures for the face and body.

We are committed to delivering service of the highest standard to all of our clients. We offer a personal and custom-tailored service, from consultation right through to treatment and aftercare. From the moment you first walk into our clinic, you will be made to feel completely at ease. We will carry out a detailed consultation which will allow us to create a treatment plan tailored around your concerns. 

At Lavish Body Clinic we truly care about our clients and their results, so we only use the latest clinically proven technologies to maximise your treatment outcome. Your journey will be totally transparent, enjoyable and rewarding.

We believe in offering only natural looking results that will enhance your natural beauty and enable you to feel more confident in your own body.


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We offer a free, no obligation, consultation to discuss your concerns and to identify the best treatment to achieve your specific goals.


Our revolutionary Cryolipolysis treatment uses controlled cooling to eliminate stubborn fat that resists all efforts through diet and exercise.

Brazilian Bum Lift

Our non-surgical Brazilian Bum Lift treatment adds volume and shape as well as lifting your buttocks by up to 70% with instant results.

Cellulite Treatment

This treatment is perfect for those wishing to be cellulite free in time for summer.

HIFU Facelift

The HIFU Facelift is a lifting and firming treatment that allows clients to achieve younger and healthier looking skin.


HIFU Body is a revolutionary non-surgical cosmetic procedure that uses focused ultrasound to combat localised fat, reduce cellulite and tighten the skin.

Ultrasound Cavitation

The Ultrasound Cavitation treatment uses scientifically proven ultrasound technology to break down unwanted fat. It is non-invasive and completely painless.

RF Skin Tightening

RF Skin Tightening is a non-invasive treatment which uses radio frequency technology to rejuvenate and tighten skin on the face and body.

Ultra Tesla Seat

The Ultra Tesla Seat uses brand new high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology that causes extreme muscle contractions to non-invasively and non-surgically strengthen the pelvic floor

Ultra Tesla

The Ultra Tesla utilises electromagnetic technology that causes extreme muscle contractions to  build and sculpt the underlying muscles resulting in a trimmer and more toned body.

What People are Saying


"I am an active woman in my 50s, who exercises and eats right but I could not get rid of the extra fat that I had around my middle. I decided to try Lipo Freeze and i am glad I did. I really like that it was non-invasive, quick, and painless.  It has definitely helped reshape my stomach and I am thrilled with the results!"


"I am writing this review 6 weeks after my treatment and I’m delighted to say it really works. There’s nothing better than hearing people tell you you’ve lost weight"


"I’ve only had the fat freeze once a month ago and I can see results already, I left thinking that it wouldn’t work on me but a month later I couldn’t be happier. I can actually see an amazing change, I’ve booked my next appointment can’t wait to get that summer body, excellent service and really good for the price"



"Fantastic service , professional and friendly staff make the experience great! Can’t wait for my results to show I’ve been twice in the last 2 days ! Highly recommend!

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