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Treatment Overview

Whether you are looking to lose inches from your waist or reduce the size of your hips and thighs, our amazing Ultrasound Cavitation treatment could help you improve your body shape as well as your confidence. Please click the link below if you would like to view some of our amazing results.

The Science


Ultrasound Cavitation uses scientifically proven low frequency sound waves to painlessly heat and vibrate the layer of fat cells below the skins surface. The pressure eventually causes the fat cells to burst and liquefy their contents into the lymphatic system in the area you are looking to improve. 

Ultrasound energy safely electively targets fat cells in the chosen body area without harming surrounding tissues.

The Procedure


Ultrasound Cavitation is a very relaxing procedure. Ultrasound gel is applied to the treatment area to protect the skin and acts as a conductor allowing the ultrasound waves to penetrate into the fatty deposits. The cavitation applicator is massaged over the area and clients will hear a low frequency ringing noise in their ears which poses no harm and disappears as soon as you are not in contact with the applicator. 

Clients are measured before and after treatment and most will notice an overall contoured appearance and reduced circumference in the treated area from the first session with more significant improvement noticed within a few days. Each treatment builds upon the previous treatment.

Treatment Summary

treatment time (minutes)

Sessions Needed (Recommended)

Noticeable Results (Day)

next treatment (Days)

Treatment Benefits


Decreased Circumference In Target Area

Blood Circulation & Lymphatic Drainage

Improved Skin Tone & Texture

Enhanced Body Tone & Contour


Excellent Cellulite Therapy

Measurable Results

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What People are Saying

“Extremely friendly”

"Extremely friendly & professional, even when out of there way to stay one extra hour to accommodate me for my birthday even though they was fully booked !!!! Even messaged me the day later to wish me a happy birthday 🙂 felt extremely personal service recieved loved it and will definitely be back for more treatments soon"



“Fabulous treatments”

"Fabulous treatments, service and results - always! You’re fully explained the step by step procedure and made to feel very comfortable throughout. Absolutely love coming here and seeing the amazing results time and time again. "

Beth A


“Another successful experience”

"Really good treatment for losing fat, and Natalie is very nice and she treat you very good, she is amazing , so Im really happy and I will go back for sure"



"More defined and lifted"

"I've had 3 sessions so far of my cellulite plan and I'm absolutely over the moon with my results. I have noticed a reduction in my cellulite you can’t see it now anymore when I stand up you can only see it when you pinch the skin and my bum even looks a lot more defined and lifted."



Does it work?

Ultrasound Cavitation produces very effective results. Various clinical trials have tested the potential of this treatment and the benefits it can produce.

When will I see results?

Often results are visible with the first session but will improve further over the course of treatments.  It is not uncommon to achieve results of up to 10cm reduction in body mass by the end of the course of treatments. 

How long do I have to wait between treatments?

The fat is eliminated from the body approximately 3 – 5 days following the treatment, therefore an interval of one week is recommended.

How long do results last?

These results will be permanent, provided you follow a healthy diet and exercise programme. If you overeat or consume too much alcohol, fat can easily be deposited back into the body.

Where do the fat cells go?

Your body digests the treated fat cells just like any energy source. The contents are then removed through the lymphatic system.

Are there any side effects?

Other than a little redness around the localised target areas Ultrasound Cavitation is completely safe with no side effects. It does not affect the blood vessels, nerves or connective tissue.

What are the benefits?
  • Decreased circumference in target area
  • Enhanced body tone and contour/shape
  • Improved skin tone and texture
  • Blood circulation & lymphatic circulation
  • Excellent cellulite therapy
Is Ultrasound Cavitation painful?

No. Most clients consider the procedure painless and comfortable. During the treatment you will feel a soothing warmth in the targeted area. A little “blushing” or reddening may occasionally appear but it does not cause pain. The warmth generated is perfectly tolerable.

You should hear a slight ringing in your ears due to the low frequency ultrasound, but it poses no harm and disappears as soon as you are not in contact with the transducers it is a safe treatment.

How many session will I need?

A common Ultrasound Cavitation FAQ, the length of procedures varies depending on the targeted area and the number of areas being treated. Studies have shown that one session often results in a 1-5cm reduction in the layer of fat. Although, the minimum number of sessions recommended is between 4-10.

Our aestheticians are dedicated to bringing you the very best results, so once they have understood your needs they will help put together a bespoke plan tailored to you.